Peven Everett

Peven grew up listening to Gospel, Jazz, Soul, and African rhythms, which greatly shaped his musical style.

Peven Everett, was born and raised in Harvey, IL and has three siblings. Peven’s career began at the age of 3. He remembers playing the bongos and using a phone book to reach the piano keys in order to play. The first song he ever played on drums was “Mister Magic” by Grover Washington Jr. when he was 4. Peven comes from a very musical family – all singers.

His catalog includes the now classic house songs “Gabrielle” and “Watch them Come” which helped usher in the UK Garage movement. He writes, creates, produces, and arranges all his music – something not too many artists can claim. He cites Sidney Poitier, Miles Davis, Michael Jordan, and John Lennon as some of his inspirations and influences.

Peven’s debut album release, “Studio Confessions”is an intimate look at his life and the issues within life and life in the industry. His sound is best described as organic, melodic, and of course, full of soul – a fusion of African and Latin rhythms, hip hop, funk, and a touch of jazz.