Growing up in a mid-size town in Sweden, alone with his mother, a young boy named Omar started rapping around the age of 14-15 and quickly moved on to developing his singing as he grew bored of just rapping. In early 2018, before his 18th birthday, Omar was hit hard by tragedy as his mother passed away. Instead of traditional therapy he tackled his depression by making music and through this process his alter ego SoLonely was born. As he uploaded his songs on Youtube and Soundcloud he quickly realized that there were thousands of others out there that felt the same loneliness and could relate to his music. The strong hooks and melancholic vibes caught the attention of people into emotional music around the globe. Songs like “i try” and “if I die” quickly gathered views numbering in the millions with only simple static videos. SoLonely remained anonymous, he was letting the music speak for itself but not showing his face and making very little known about his background.