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Lydmar Hotel

a next-generation lifestyle experience

Unlike traditional five-star establishments with rigid minimalism or exaggerated grandeur, we provide a fresh ease combined with a modern classic look.
We prioritize personality over formal uniforms, encouraging our staff to express a personal style and share local insights. For those seeking to live” during their stay with top-notch service and relaxed elegance, Lydmar Hotel awaits your arrival!

Dining Room

Step into the heart of warmth and familiarity at Lydmar’s Dining Room – a unique spot where locals and travelers blend seamlessly, creating a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere. Imagine lounging in the comfort of a friend’s living room, surrounded by the welcoming embrace of a place that feels just like home. Open from the early morning till late, every day of the week.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Open Sunday-Thursday from 07.00 – 00.00 and Friday-Saturday 07.00 – 01.00.

+46 (0)8 598 84 620


Art at Lydmar

Since the grand opening of the hotel, we have presented more than 60 photo exhibitions in our lobby area with a majority of documentary stories from all over the world.

Now showing at Lydmar Hotel is the exhibition Neeltje De Vries, in cooperation with The Photo Gallery. De Vries is an Amsterdam-based photographer whose work is characterized by timeless narratives of women from the present, past, and future.

About the Art at Lydmar


Never miss a beat! Check out our event calendar to keep up with all upcoming events at Lydmar Hotel.

Event Calendar

The Living Rooms

All floors have living room areas where you can relax after a long day or gather for some coffee or drinks before heading on to new adventures. These areas are also commonly used for having smaller informal meetings.

Grand Hotel Nordic Spa and Fitness

To be guaranteed a spot at the Spa a treatment is recommended to book.

As a guest at Lydmar Hotel you can enjoy the Nordic Spa & Fitness, housed in Grand Hôtel just next door from Lydmar. At Nordic Spa & Fitness you can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, take a refreshing dip in the pool or be challenged by one their personal trainers. Nordic Spa & Fitness is inspired by the Nordic nature with granite from Grythyttan and Rauk stones from Gotland. A visit here is something out of the ordinary.

As a hotel guest you get complimentary access to the fitness center. We also offer you a discounted entrance fee for the SPA at SEK 750 per person/per visit. For more information about treatments, opening hours and reservations please call. Please note the age limit is 16 years.

+46 (0) 8  679 35 75

Nordic Spa & Fitness

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