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Art at Lydmar

Art has the unique ability to depict the previously unseen and unthinkable. It makes us be a more open, more reflective person. Fine Art Photography evokes strong memories, feelings, and emotional connections. Lydmar Hotel started its art journey with the first art exhibition in 2008. It was precisely for that reason, to bring people together, to relive stories and create new ones together.

Since the grand opening of the hotel, we have presented more than 60 photo exhibitions in our lobby area with a majority of documentary stories from all over the world. Many of the photographers have stayed at Lydmar and have become our personal friends during these years. From each exhibition we choose a couple of works that will remain at the hotel as a part of our permanent art collection. As a guest at Lydmar, you will find the collection in all our rooms as well as public areas and we constantly add more works and rehang the existing as part of our ongoing journey.

The permanent collection of Lydmar Hotel consist of original works by Sam Samore, Jesper Heinz, James Nachtwey, Andres Serrano, Robert Frank, Chikazi Kasai, Andy Warhol and more.

Please contact our team at Lydmar Hotel for any questions or inquries about the art.

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