DJ Danelito

As a DJ and record collector for the past 20 years Daniel plays a wide range of genres, but soul is always present.

A lover of disco, latin, jazz, house, reggae and tropical rhythms, catch him putting the friday mode to perfection.

Lydmar Loves Summer!

The Terrace & The Patio is open daily from May-September as long as the weather allows.

You cannot make reservations here,

tables are at a first come, first serve basis



Now showing at Lydmar is

‘Widely Close’

by Cato Lein

January 18 2023 – April 18th 2023


Every Weekend

Dj Chapee

Chapee been doing music since the mid ninety’s, and derived from the group Josh & Abel, which later changed its name to Chapee n Chess. Which consisted of himself and Chess now known as Abidaz. Chapee started DJ-ing at age 14 in his boy room. He began to gather vinyls and later began producing at age 15 in his studio in Blå Kulla. Chapee playes everything from soul, jazz, funk, classic hip hop to newer sounds. You can expect pleasant lounge vibe with summery feeling.

Dj Monica

Dj Monica, born in Umeå, is regarded as Sweden’s first female Dj. She´s been working professionally since 1983 and has dedicated her deepest love and respect to Music. Her musical roots are Disco and American Funk music with artists like George Clinton and Bootsy Collins plus in the R&B and Hip Hop that was developed during the 80’s and 90’s. Monica is also working at Swedish Radio and has got “Stora Radio Priset” on numerous occasions for her audio skills. She´s a royal warrant and has also hanged out with George Clinton, who is as good as royalty – if you ask her.