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Johan Bergmark – A C T I O N !

Exhibition September 2021 – January 2022

Art is like a true friend that reassures and comforts me. It also shakes and wakes me. It makes me feel alive. It makes me cry. And the film medium is where it all comes together and make sense. I’ve loved movies for as long as I can remember. From the time when my dad took me on black and white Tarzan matinées to the latest series on HBO and Netflix. Movies and series that mesmerize me to the point where I can spend two entire days watching a serie. The medium is ingenious. For several years I have chosen to approach these giant craftsmen who keep giving us these “perfect time killers” when life needs a kick in the butt. Who are the people behind the movies we see? These men and women who give us the magic on the silver screen? If the actors are clay, then the directors are the sculptors.

This selection of images is a tribute to the medium that gives me so much. To those who put their soul into forfilling their dreams and who after years of hard work leave us with a work of art that will survive us all. Over the years, I have not only ‘hunted‘ directors, actors and screenwriters. I have also worked on several film productions as a still photographer. It’s like working on a barge that has to dock a port that is far too small. Everyone participates. Everyone is involved in the design of the film. Sound, lighting, catering, make-up, scenography, transport, etc. To make a motion picture is like going to war. Everyone is dependent on each other. The weakest link can ruin everything. It is a large heavy vehicle, but when everything works as planned, it elevates. When everyone and everything comes together the vision lives, and it becomes a two-hour escape from what we call our everyday life.

Johan Bergmark

Johan Bergmark

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