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Serkan Günes – ‘WITHIN’

Exhibition 13th January – 17th April 2022

Serkan Günes (b.1980) grew up in Istanbul. At the age of 20, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden. Two years later, he received a camera as a birthday gift, and that’s when his journey in photography started. Today he resides on the shore of Lake Keskijärvi, 100 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

What sets this wilderness apart is light: the atmospheric glow of a midsummer night and midwinter twilight. From dusk to dawn, the deep-frozen landscape shifts in shades of pink, scarlet, violet and blues by the rays escaping from behind the horizon. This is the time of year Serkan cherishes the most.

“The quality of light and how it renders motifs, whether it’s a grand landscape, grass or stone, makes no difference to me. If the light is right, that’s what gets my mojo working.” – Serkan Günes

Serkan Günes is one of the most gifted and exciting photographers in Europe today. He possesses a sharp ‘eye’ and has a keen and deep understanding of values and nuances of light. For the exhibition ”Within” at Lydmar Hotel Serkan Günes has selected some of his favourite pieces from Lappland.

In 2006, Serkan Günes won the prestigious Eric Hosking Award in the Best Portfolio category, organized by BBC Wildlife Magazine in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has appointed Serkan Günes as Nature Photographer of the Year 2009. He has exhibited and published in Scandinavia, Turkey, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. There are also three books published with Serkan’s photographs: Stockholm – sjön, skogen & Skärgården (2011), In the head of the photographer – guide to landscape photographs (2013) in collaboration with Göran Segeholm and The land of Eight Seasons (2017).

Serkan Günes has been an ambassador for FUJIFILM since 2012, and he has played a role in the development of the GFX medium format system.

Serkan Günes

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